Indian Paintbrush - a Rite of Spring

Berlioz and Harriet

Tuesday Announcements

  • Listening Log is DUE BY THE END OF THE DAY -- TODAY!
  • Registration is coming up -- next week!
    • Check to see if you have holds!

Tuesday Class Plans - Berlioz, Group Projects, and Time Management

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Listening Log
  • Group Project Work
  • Prepping for Music Exam


  • Registration opens next week! Have all your Ducks in a Row!
    • HOLDS: Identify whether or not you have holds on your account that are going to prevent you from registering.
    • CLEAR HOLDS: Take care of holds so that you are HOLDS FREE!
    • ADVISING: Meet with your Academic Advisor and consult your degree planner.
    • KEEPING YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE: Actively monitor your learning and coursework so that you make the best possible grades at the end of the semester!
    • REGISTRATION: Develop a couple of different possible schedules for next semester with CRNs?.

Thursday Class Plans -- Learning Community G Global Goals

Learning Community G Theme and Goals for Spring 2019

This semester we are going to focus on the idea of “depth” in music, research, learning, intellectual engagement and community involvement. By the semester’s end, you should be “rolling in the deep” (thanks, Adele!), in the following ways:

  • being mindful and engaged students - listening, thinking, researching, questioning, and reading
  • appreciating and valuing music, art, and cultural/creative achievements in society and everyday life
  • developing a sense of intellectual agency, self advocacy, and empowerment through learning and participating in a community
  • Using music, creativity, and reflection to make discoveries about the self and the world
  • Integrating, Transferring, and Synthesizing Learning across contexts and disciplines
  • Social Responsibility -- What is that?
  • Let's take a look at the "Art Song"!
  • Registration Worksheet
  • Group Project Powerpoint Do's And Don't's

Looking Ahead and Homework