Tuesday Announcements

  • I hope everyone got Concert Review 2 in!
  • Returning or Not Returning to TAMUCC in the Fall!
  • Course Evaluations
  • Reminders for Music and Dr. Pool
    • I hope everyone got Concert Review 2 in!
    • Dr. Pool's Extra Credit Challenge -- pick out some text for his new bassoon piece!
    • Work on getting your Concert Review 3 in!
    • The Youtube Assignment!

Tuesday and Thursday Class Plans

  • The Group Projects
ClassApril 16th - TuesdayApril 18th - Thursday
10:00 ClassCountry Roads and Lennon GroupsReality Check Group
12:00 ClassStaind GroupCCR and Nina Simone Group
1:00 ClassEagles GroupSurvivor Group

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Make a Plan for Concert Review 3