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!!Today, we are going to talk about ... building a Vocabulary for Deep Music


*[[ | Concert Review Form]]

*Listen, Think, Write: Pair and Share
#Listen to the music clip by yourself first
#Think about some words (adjectives and verbs) that you would use to describe this music.
#Write them down.
#Pair and Share with a friend
#Working together write a paragraph describing this piece of music. Please formally name the piece of music, the composer, the performer(s) of the piece.
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!!Looking Ahead and Homework
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*Islander Citizen Extra Credit - Here is an opportunity to participate in the intellectual/cultural/creative life of your university: Author's Day with Cyrus Cassells on Feb. 7th from 6:30 to 9:30 in Island Hall 160. To earn your extra credit, take a selfie at the event, the listen to the poetry of Cassells, and write a brief reflection on the event. Consider the difference in listening to poetry vs. music. Consider the similiarities? Were there any ideas, images, and sounds that you found compelling or arresting? You are not obligated to stay for the entire event. Just be polite.

*TAMUCC Homecoming - Feb. 3rd - Feb. 9th

*Did everyone get my email about BB problems with Dr. Pool?

*If any of you are experiencing problems as a result of the government shutdown and furloughs, please visit with me about possibilities for help.
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*Good work in class on Tuesday in Pool's class! A good number of you made contributions to the course discussion! Excellent!!!

*'''A Little More About the Structure of this Seminar'''
**Participation & Attendance 30%
**Midterm and Final Reflection
**Shared Assignments 30%
***Research Project
***Concert Reviews and YouTube Assignments
***The Comparison Project (25 points)
**Seminar Objective Assignments (10%)

*Homework -- [[ | Tiny Desk Concert Review]] is due one week from today in Blackboard by the end of the day.
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*Get to reading and listening for Music!
*Get started on your Tiny Desk Concert Review!
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**What is a Learning Community?
**What in the heck is Seminar?
**Music Appreciation & Dr. Pool?

!!Tuesday Class Plans
**Showing up is half the battle - Professor Burnett's and Dr. Pool's attendance policies
**Come to class curious, willing to learn, and open to new ideas
**Turn in assignments!
**Get to know your professors and help your professors get know you!
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!!Tuesday Announcements

!'''"Popeye is about an image of, 'I am what I am.' Kind of a symbol of self-acceptance that you have to embrace who you are. Popeye has spinach. Spinach brings about his transcendence, and brings about his power. That's what art [is]. Art is our spinach." ~ the artist Jeff Koons'''

'''Use the art and Koons's words to think about yourself. What does "I am what I am" mean for you? Who are you and how do you define yourself? Consider what is the thing (or things) that brings about your power and transcendence. Popeye had spinach. Koons has art. What is your spinach?'''

!!! Welcome to Learning Community G!

%navy%'''Today in class we are going to ...'''

*Meet each other; meet me!

'''Learning Community’s G Theme and Goals for Spring 2019'''
*'''This semester we are going to focus on the idea of “depth” in music, research, learning, intellectual engagement and community involvement. By the semester’s end, you should be “rolling in the deep” (thanks, Adele!), in the following ways:'''
**being mindful and engaged students - listening, thinking, researching, questioning, and reading
**appreciating and valuing music, art, and cultural/creative achievements in society and everyday life
**developing a sense of intellectual agency, self advocacy, and empowerment through learning and participating in a community
**Using music, creativity, and reflection to make discoveries about the self and the world

*'''Modes of Communication'''

*'''How To Succeed in Learning Community G'''
**What is a Learning Community?
**What in the heck is Seminar?
**Music Appreciation & Dr. Pool?
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!!Tuesday Announcements

!!Tuesday Class Plans

!!Looking Ahead and Homework

!!Thursday Announcements

!!Thursday Class Plans

!!Looking Ahead and Homework