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"Popeye is about an image of, 'I am what I am.' Kind of a symbol of self-acceptance that you have to embrace who you are. Popeye has spinach. Spinach brings about his transcendence, and brings about his power. That's what art [is]. Art is our spinach." ~ the artist Jeff Koons

Use the art and Koons's words to think about yourself. What does "I am what I am" mean for you? Who are you and how do you define yourself? Consider what is the thing (or things) that brings about your power and transcendence. Popeye had spinach. Koons has art. What is your spinach?

Welcome to Learning Community G!

Today in class we are going to ...


Learning Community’s G Theme and Goals for Spring 2019

Thursday Announcements

Thursday Class Plans

Today, we are going to talk about ... building a Vocabulary for Deep Music

  1. Listen to the music clip by yourself first
  2. Think about some words (adjectives and verbs) that you would use to describe this music.
  3. Write them down.
  4. Pair and Share with a friend
  5. Working together write a paragraph describing this piece of music. Please formally name the piece of music, the composer, the performer(s) of the piece.

Looking Ahead and Homework

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