Tuesday Announcements

  • Your Tiny Desk Concert Review is due on Thursday by Midnight in SEMINAR BLACKBOARD! Here is the assignment description: Tiny Desk Concert Concert Review
  • To turn in your Tiny Desk Concert Review, follow this trail: Seminar Blackboard>Units>Seminar Course Objectives Folder>Tiny Desk Concert Review!

Tuesday Class Plans

Getting Prepared for the Concert Review Assignments

Getting Prepared for a Listening Assessments

Looking Ahead and Homework

Hildegard Bingen 1098-1179

Inspired by the Healing Music of Hildegard of Bingen

Thursday Announcements

  • Did you see my Blackboard announcement?
  • Tiny Desk Concert Review is due today by the end of the day

Thursday Class Plans

Dr. Pool's Lecture

Looking Ahead and Homework

Begin the Mini-Comparison Project

  • Listen to the two pieces of music -- listening for similarities or connections.
  • Do some background research to learn about each piece!
  • Come to class on Monday with at least a few observations about how these pieces might relate to one another!