O, Fortuna

Tuesday Announcements

  • Upcoming Musical Events for Concert Reviews
    • Guest Woodwind Clinic on Tuesday, Feb. 5th in the PAC at 7:30
    • Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra, Feb. 9th in the PAC at 7:30 (This may require the purchase of tickets, even for students).

Tuesday Class Plans

  • Thinking about Fortuna
    • Context (writing exercise)
    • Valuing and appreciating music! Let's take a look at one comment!
  • Get into groups and choose your song! Using the depth chart make an argument for its depth.
  • Each group will need to formally present their song and the depth argument.
  • Use the Depth Chart from Dr. Pool's Class
  • Tiny Concert Reviews
    • Establishing context -- what does this mean?

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Keep up with your reading and listening for Music

Thursday Announcements

Learning Community G Theme and Goals for Spring 2019

This semester we are going to focus on the idea of “depth” in music, research, learning, intellectual engagement and community involvement. By the semester’s end, you should be “rolling in the deep” (thanks, Adele!), in the following ways:

  • being mindful and engaged students - listening, thinking, researching, questioning, and reading
  • appreciating and valuing music, art, and cultural/creative achievements in society and everyday life
  • developing a sense of intellectual agency, self advocacy, and empowerment through learning and participating in a community
  • using music, creativity, and reflection to make discoveries about the self and the world

Thursday Class Plans

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Spend 10 minutes thinking about and planning for NEXT WEEK!!!
    • Consult your syllabi
    • Look on Blackboard
    • What needs to happen prep-wise for you to have a good Week 4 of school?
    • Create a beautiful To-Do List
    • Remember to schedule some time in for your Concert Attendance!