Tuesday Announcements -- What's Happening Out in The World?

Tuesday Class Plans --- Looking at Depth and the Redemptive Power of Art

Thursday Announcements

  • Step Afrika Performance in PAC on Feb. 26, 2019
  • Black History Month at TAMUCC
    • Unschooled: Bougie or Trashy-The Origins and Power of Stereotypes – University Center, Copano 216 -- TODAY --2/14 3:30pm-4:30pm!
    • Enjoy a free meal while discussing what research has to tell us about the origin of stereotypes. Tell us how you defy the stereotype! RSVP on I-Engage: https://tamucc.campuslabs.com/engage/event/2049640.For more information, contact Delaney Foster (361) 825-3925 or email Delaney.Foster@tamucc.edu.
  • Microagression Talk - 2/15 4pm-5pm Tomorrow
    • Campus Conversations: Microaggression - O'Connor Building 145
    • Microaggression exists in everyday language whether it is indirect, subtle, unintentional or intentional. Dr. Bilaye Benibo, Sociology Professor at TAMUCC, will educate and facilitate a discussion on microaggression. This conversation will leave attendees with a better understanding of the everyday language, verbal and nonverbal, used to insult and separate people. For more information, contact Deshawna Colvin (361) 825-2289 or email Deshawna.Colvin@tamucc.edu.

Thursday Class Plans - Taking a Break from Music

  • The Growth Mindset and the Fixed Mindset
  • Juggling School, Social Life, Work, and Family

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Enjoy your weekend and make plan for next week!

Great Concert Opportunity!

  • March 2nd (Saturday), 7:30pm in the PAC
  • See The TAMUCC Symphonic Winds! No weird Solos (so, says Travis)!