This painting is titled, "Saturn Devouring His Son," was completed in 1823 by Francisco Goya.

Looking at this painting and using your Era v. Era worksheet, decide whether this painting is characteristically ROMANTIC or CLASSICAL in nature.

You can work with a friend on this one!

Tuesday Announcements

  • Due Dates Looming on the Horizon --- First Concert Review Deadline is Coming Up on March 8th
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    • 02/21 Junior Saxophone Recital . 7:30
    • 02/23 LUFT Bassoon Quartet 5:00

Tuesday and Thursdays Class Plans -- Hitting the Romantic Era

  • Group Projects -- Your Pairing from Dr. Pool
    • Everyone should begin listening to both pieces of music to get to know them!
  • The Listening Exercise for Dr. Pool --- Let's Discuss Your Answers!
    • What is a theme and variations?
    • During what musical era was this form widely used?
    • Name one piece of music that we have listened to in class that is a good example of a theme and variations?
  • Midterm Reflection --- Let's Set a Due Date!

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Listen to your music pieces for your group projects!!!

Thursday Announcements

  • Soooo many concerts that up and coming!!!!

Thursday Class Plans


Growth Mindset Homework

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Study for your Music Exam.
  • Make an Exam plan -- Study, Test Strategy, Appropriate Time and Place, Secure Internet Access!
  • Growth Mindset Homework