Tuesday Announcements

Making Connections to Dr. Pool's Lecture

Tuesday Class Plans -- Let's Start the Research Process -- Research to Learn and Conducting Research to Learn about Research

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Listen to Both Pieces of Music for your Group. Each group member should identify one research question that they would like to tackle between now and Thursday.

Thursday Announcements

Thursday Class Plans

Group Project -- End Goal in Class Presentation with PowerPoint! Let's set presentation dates!

Google Docs for the 10:00 Class

Carmen Group

N.W.A. Group

Reality Check

Red Hot Chili Group

Country Roads Group

Lennon Imagine Group

Google Docs for the 12:00 Class

Y and B Del Rey Group

Nina Simone Group

CCR Group

Green Day Group

Zeppelin Group

Ozuna and Santos Group

Staind Group

Google Docs for the 1:00 Class

Survivor Group

Black-eyed Peas Group

Eagles Group

Vulfpeck Group

Aerosmith Group

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Growth Mindset Homework - See Blackboard!
  • Prepare Your First Listening Sessions for Both Pieces -- Come to class on Tuesday ready to discuss with your group members and share your general impression. Please bring a typed set of notes to aid in the discussion!