John Divola - American, born 1949

"Contemplating a dog chasing a car invites any number of metaphors and juxtapositions: culture and nature, the domestic and the wild, love and hate, joy and fear, the heroic and the idiotic. It could be viewed as a visceral and kinetic dance. Here we have two vectors and velocities, that of a dog and that of a car and, seeing that a camera will never capture reality and that a dog will never catch a car, evidence of devotion to a hopeless enterprise."


Tuesday Announcements

  • Concert Review Business
    • Concert Review 1 -- If you have turned in your Concert Review to Bb, but you still need to turn in your program to Dr. Pool ... get that done ASAP!
    • Upcoming Concert Opportunities for Concert Reviews 2 and 3 and EXTRA CREDIT!
  • Midterm Reflection is due on March 21st in Blackboard by the end of the day. If you need an extension, you need to make a formal request via email. Late work will be penalized.
  • Midterm Grades
  • First Year Research Conference Proposals are due THIS FRIDAY! Here are the instructions for the First Year Research Conference with a Sample.

Tuesday Class Plans -- Research Questions from Dr. Pool!

Looking Ahead and Homework

For Thursday, we will not have regular classes so that you can use this time to meet with your group members and to conduct research. In order to EARN your participation points for this day you will need to take some sort of photo to document your research process and/or group work and write a paragraph on what you accomplished on this day.

I suggest you use this time wisely! You could use this time to start working on your Research Table assignment!

I will be in my office during our class times and will be available to meet with anyone who needs help or advice!

Thursday Class Plans

Looking Ahead and Homework