Grade Distribution for Seminar in Learning Community I

Attendance and Participation: (30%)

Attendance is the only way to benefit from my class. Most of your grade is based on your participation in critical activities and discussions. To learn to connect the concepts you learn this semester to your personal life, you must be present and prepared for class. Your knowledge and opinion is valued and appreciated at every class meeting. Attendance will be taken daily throughout the semester at the beginning, middle, or end of class, or via Blackboard.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Personal Assessment (5%) (Integrated Assignment)

Your first assignment of the semester will to write a personal assessment placing yourself on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. Your assessment will be due to your Psychology Blackboard by 10pm on Sunday, January 19.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Journal Article Annotation (5%) (Integrated Assignment)

Based on the need you are assigned; you will read and annotate the corresponding article BEFORE you conduct your own personal observations. This will be due to your Psychology Blackboard by 10pm on Friday, February 3.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Data Collection (5%) (Integrated Assignment)

You will collect data during a five-day self-observation. The data will include reflections about what you notice from the change in behavior. This five-day period will be from Monday, February 6 to Friday, February 10. 1-page reflections will be uploaded to your Seminar Blackboard by the end of each day. All data should be brought in hardcopy format to Seminar on Monday, February 13.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Observation Report Presentation (Integrated Assignment)

After conducting your data collection project, you will write a report outline using your assigned journal article(s) and your data to perform an oral academic report. You will discuss your report in a panel of students. Your report outline will be due to your Seminar Blackboard on Sunday, February 19 by 10pm.

Memory & Learning Analysis: Memory and Learning Myth Busting (10%) (Integrated Assignment)

You will write an analysis of your study habits using knowledge gained in your psychology lecture to explore how your own memory and learning works. This analysis is academic and will require secondary sources. Your final product will be due on Friday, April 14 by 10pm.

Midterm: Stress Assessment and Management (10%)(Integrated Assignment)

For your midterm, you will explore your approach to stress management. You will assess your stress, evaluate your approaches to dealing with stress, learn new ways to handle stress, and make a stress plan for the future. The culmination of this project will be due to you Seminar Blackboard on March 3 by 10 pm.

First-Year Research Conference Proposal (5%) (Integrated Assignment)

Your observation report panel will write a proposal to present your discussion at First-Year Research Conference. Your team will decide if you want to turn your proposal in for conference consideration. If your team successfully presents your observation report, each participating team member will earn 1 point on their final grade in Seminar, Psychology, and Composition (if applicable).

Final: Making Connections (10%) (Integrated Assignment)

For your final, you will reflect on all of the work you completed throughout the spring semester in your learning community. Your final reflection will be due to your Seminar Blackboard on May 3rd.