Dear Folks,

I want to let everyone know that I have posted the presentation grades. If you would like to do some revision on your presentation to earn a better grade, you can do so. However, you need to come in during office hours next week before FYS to re-present and to demonstrate the specific improvements you have made to your presentation. I suggest coming in for a consultation first if I have not spoken with you directly about your presentation. Also, please check out our course wiki from Friday- I included a PowerPoint for Revision Ideas for the Presentation in these plans. Take a look at this and do some critical evaluation of your own work to determine what could be improved.

Here are basic "Rules" for this Revision Process:

  • Must come to office hours for Revision and Re-Presenting prior to FYS on Dec. 1st!
  • You may come as an individual or with your whole group
  • You must indicate specific improvements that you have made from the following categories (See PowerPoint on the class plans)
    • PowerPoint
    • Presentation Board
    • Group Intro & Conclusion
    • Oral Presentation
    • Presentation Content
  • In addition to regular office hours, I will hold office hours from 1 to 4 on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • The maximum amount of points you can earn for your revision is 5 points. Still, 5 points is 5 points!

Professor Burnett