Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with purpose.

Zora Neale Hurston

Welcome Back and Announcements

  • Hope everyone had a fun, relaxing, and memorable Spring Break!
  • If you did not turn in your homework on the Exam II Essay Question, you should get that in!
  • Hopefully, everyone got the Blackboard and email announcement that WP2 has been postponed.

Here is what we need to do Today:

  • Review the components of the WP2
  • Review the assignments that build on WP2
    • [[Writing Project 3 | WP3 -Connect and Persuade - Writing for the Real World]]
      • Purpose, Audience, Genre Proposal, due on April 6th
      • Writing for the Real World (New Genre), due on April 13th
    • The Research Presentations, which are due on April 20th-27th
      • This is a formal academic presentation (PowerPoint)
      • Everyone will get into groups of 3 to 5 people.
      • Each group member will be responsible specifically on his or her own area of research, for speaking for 5 to 7 minutes, for citing credible academic sources within the PowerPoint and in the talk itself.
      • Additionally, the group will need to come up with a strong introduction and compelling conclusion for the entire panel of presenters that explains how the individuals topics relate to one another by highlighting their connection to one of the Learning Community E broad themes:
  • War
  • Citizenship
  • Equality, Liberty & Order
  • Revolution & Revolt
  • Power & Oppression
  • Writing Goes Out Into the World and Makes Something Happen
  • Courage, Composition, and Conviction

On that Note, We should Form Presentation Groups Now and work on the Conference Proposal and Abstract Assignment

*Research Resources for Learning Community E for 2017

Those who are interested in applying to FYRC will need to meet with me sometime this week so that we can work on your proposal!


  • Workshop on Thursday ---we will spend class time working on your projects and prepping for the history exam!
  • Study for the History Test