• Midterm grades for seminar are posted on Blackboard, Starfish, and SAIL. Please come see during office hours in Classroom East 213C if you would like visit about grade.
    • Mondays from 3 to 4
    • Tuesdays from 12 to 2 and 3:30 to 4:30
    • Wednesday from 3 to 4
    • Thursdays and other times by appointment
  • Remember that everyone should be using Orion to prep for Exam 3, which takes place next week! Remember to have a plan for solid wifi access for your test taking time!
  • Last day to drop is on April 7th
  • Some of you have not turned in proof of an appointment with your academic advisor and you can still do so.

Proposals on the Personal Observation Report Graded

  • Please look at the comments and the rubric on Blackboard to see how you lost points on this assignment.

Crime Scene Investigation Activity

  • C.S.I. Activity
    • Self-Inflicted Damage: Scenarios where the student's choices might kill his or her chances for success
    • Homicides: Scenarios where someone else's choices might kill the student's chances for success.
    • Accidents: No fault scenarios that might kill the student's chances for success.

Each group should sort the scenarios in your packets into 3 different piles according to the categories listed above. Please tally the number of scenarios in each group.

Group members should discuss their reasonings for placement in the different categories. It is okay if people have different ways of looking at the different situations!

  • Metacognition Component (Evaluating and Applying Concepts): Quick Write

Choose the biggest barrier to your success. Is it potentially a self-inflicted damage, homicide, or accident? What strategies will you use to survive and thrive?

  • Choose a possible scenario from your own life. Label it as a self-inflicted damage, homicide, or accident. Describe the situation. Adopting an attitude that privileges an internal locus of control mindset, explain how you could respond to this situation. In your explanation, be certain to use one of the terms from Habits of Mind


Everyone should be actively working on the Learning and Memory: Myth Busting Essay/Report

Please note that the sources listed below have some good information in it that could help with your Myth Busting Assignment. However, they are considered to be "popular sources" rather than scholarly sources. You need to be certain to select higher quality sources because you are writing in an academic setting of higher education. Academic audiences expect you to cite scholarly sources from experts. Use the list of sources provided on the assignment description, which is posted on the Seminar Blackboard.