• Midterms grades will be posted by Thursday!
  • Who applied for FYRC?
  • Remember that Writing Project 2 is due on Friday at the end of the day in Blackboard. If you anticipate problems, you must ask for an extension 48 hours in advance of the due date.

Student Choice - Learning Community Workshop

You can work on any of the following: history test prep or composition assignments.

Writing Project 2 - Take a look at the Writing Project 2 Folder in Blackboard under assignments!

  • Source Reviews
    • Problems with Source Reviews
      • Students are using reference sources for one of their sources.
      • Why is this problematic?
      • What would be better?
  • Research Log/Working Bibliography
  • Research Reflection

Writing Project 3

  • The Proposal
  • The Real World Genre

The Academic Presentations (Who still needs to get into a group?)


Reading in Naming What We Know

  • Texts Get Their Meanings from Other Texts
  • Genre