• '''It's Time for a Pep Talk!
    • Getting a college degree is a huge accomplishment.
    • It takes time, money, hard work, and determination.
    • The university and its faculty and staff are committed to your success.
    • Make use of the resources available to you to ensure your success.
    • Know that right now is a vulnerable time in your college career. So, hold on and dig in! Resist Spring Fever for 1 more week!

Things To Do For Today

  • Topic Talk

Research Steps

  • Step 1 -- Preliminary Research
    • Your Goal is to gain a basic understanding of your topic!'
    • Look at a variety of sources. Look at multiple sources.
      • Wikipedia
      • Credo Reference
      • History Websites
      • YouTube videos and documentaries
      • Be able to answer the basic reporter's questions about your topic: who, what, where, when, why, and how.
      • Write stuff down. Ask questions. Use the questions to guide your research.
      • Keep Narrowing down and refining your topic to find a particular line of thinking or angle you want to pursue! (This is your argument)
  • Step 2 -- Focused Research
    • Your Goal is to develop your argument by continuing with more in-depth research
    • Look at a variety of sources. Look at multiple sources. But this time around they need to be higher quality academic sources from scholarly journals, historic websites, and books.
    • Use research questions to guide your research.
    • Develop your ideas around key ideas that can be supported with evidence from your primary and secondary sources.
    • Write stuff down! Play with the ideas.
    • Begin a transitioning from information gathering (research) to composing. This means identifying your argument and its main points and evidence. This means start thinking about how you are going to present this information to an audience!
  • Start Thinking about FYRC: *Conference Abstract & Proposal Assignment