• Today, we are having a brief Q & A sessions with Advisors! Have your questions at the ready!
  • Conversations about Culture Challenge - if you complete this psychology assignment by Wednesday at the end of the day, I will give you 5 points extra credit in seminar!

(Conversation about Culture Tip -- make certain that you identify how the person you are interviewing is from another culture and make certain that, at least, some of your conversation focuses on that aspect.)

  • Revised Syllabus -- LCI Seminar Syllabus
    • 2 changes that are highlighted in yellow
      • Point distribution for the FYRC Proposal
      • Addition of 1 more small assignment worth 50 points -- The Story Corps. Interview

For the most part the questions you generated for the Academic Advisors were really good!

One thing I noticed that some of the questions you offered could have been easily answered if you took a little time to do some research!

  • How do I figure out the schedule for my finals? (Google TAMUCC Finals Schedule 2017) Click on this Link

Upcoming Assignment

First-Year Research Conference Proposal (10%) This is an integrated assignment with Psychology! Your observation report panel will write a proposal to present your discussion at First-Year Research Conference. Your team will decide if you want to turn your proposal in for conference consideration. If your team successfully presents your observation report, each participating team member will earn 1 point on their final grade in Seminar, Psychology, and Composition (if applicable).

Caveat -- Though research groups should feel free to collaborate and work together to certain extent, each person is responsible for submitting his or her own version of this assignment.

Here are the specifics for that Proposal:

  • 150 word limit presented in a single paragraph. The key idea is to condense information into a very concise and precise paragraph.
  1. Begin with a strong, explicit statement about purpose --- The purpose of this proposal is .....
  2. Follow with 2 to 3 sentences of background information. This is where you cite academic sources from your literature review, using APA.
  3. Then add a sentence or so about the "so what" -- So what statements are about significance. Why this research or subject is important!
  4. Concluding statement comments on the findings of the study.
  5. Make certain to include a list of references at the end for sources cited in the proposal, using APA. (You don't have to include the References in the word count.)

First-Year Conference Research Proposal Sample