• Remember that you have several assignments to get done Psychology by Friday. Everyone pull out their phones and check BB to see what you need to get done before your Pie-Ya-Outta-Here for Spring Break. Create a To-Do List!
  • Remember that you have Conversation about Culture Challenge from me --- Get your Conversation About Culture Assignment turned in TODAY to Psychology Blackboard, and I give you 5 points extra credit in Seminar.
  • Test Prep Question: My challenge is an example of
    • Classical Conditioning
    • Positive Reinforcement
    • Negative Reinforcement
    • Positive Punishment

Questions about First Year Research Conference Proposal Assignment??

  • This is due on March 22nd and it is worth 100 points and it is an integrated assignment with Psychology
  • All information for this assignment is on the Seminar Blackboard
  • You must use the form provided for this assignment!

Today is Test Prep!

  • Hi-tech with Kahoots
  • Low-tech with Paper Quiz