Fond Farewell!

Quick Set of Announcements

  • We don't have a composition final. However, I will be in Classroom East 213 C from 9:00 to 12:00 on Thursday, May 4th. Also, I will be in office from 9:00 to 12 on Tuesday, May 9th. Feel free to swing by if you want some feedback or help with studying for your History Exam or writing up outlines for your essay questions.
  • Let's everyone take a few moments to do course evaluations!

Writing Project 3 -- The New Genre

  • Some of the links you have provided ... I can't open or access. Let's make certain that I can access that your new genre.
  • Grading Criteria for this Assignment:
    • Does the writing clearly convey a purpose?
    • Does the writer follow the conventions of the genre?
      • Pamphlet
      • Letter to the Editor
      • Video
      • Letter (For instance, does the salutation identify a specific audience)
    • Does the writer make adequate use of the genre's functionality? (For instance, for a Facebook page, does the author post his or her own written content along with other types of content, such as videos, memes, articles, and other pages?)
    • Does the writer rely on research from Writing Project 2 to communicate purpose?
    • Does the writer make use of ethos, pathos, and logos to reach the audience?
    • Does the writing demonstrate critical thinking and engagement?
  • Please consider REVISING and resubmitting if you feel your New Genre work could be substantially improved.

The Final Portfolio

  • Does it have a professional looking appearance with a title page and a table of contents?
  • Does it have a strong organizational structure that is readily evident with a table of contents?

The Reflective Overview

  • Structured as an essay with an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion.
  • Introduction establishes context by mentioning that you were a part of LCE. Spends some time trying to establish a relationship with the reader.
  • Thesis -- identifies what topics you will be discussing throughout the RO.
  • Body of essay is collection of well-developed paragraphs that work together to make a cohesive, thematic unit.
  • Body of essay relies on details and examples, using strong, specific language.
  • Demonstrates critical thinking and insight
  • Accurately and honestly reflects and discusses the ups and downs of your semester
  • Actively works to respond to the assignment prompt
  • Body of essay -- Writer specifically references the evidence provided. Discusses the evidence and explains how it is significant for learning and how it might be applied in the future.
  • Conclusion -- sums up the points made throughout the essay and offers a final comments on learning, growth, and development as a critical thinker and citizen of the world and how LCE contributed to this development.

Evidence Section

  • Is organized and labeled appropriately into 3 sections
  • A sufficient amount of evidence is provided for each section.