WP2Media’s Construction of Gender: Research and Reflection

Brief Overview

This unit of study focuses on letting you conduct research for your Media's Construction of Gender Essay. For this project you will need to keep an ongoing research log of your research activities. Here is a list of the activities you will need to complete in the Research Log:

  • Works Consulted Table and List
  • 3 sets of Research Questions
  • An annotated bibliography of 6 sources

You also need to write a proposal

You will be given time in class to conduct research and to work on the Research Log. However, for the most part, you will need to the Annotated Bibliography portion of this assignment on your own time. To facilitate this project, I have created a Research Log Template. You need to use this document, filling out each part. Here is the document: Research Log Template for Learning Community B.

You will submit the Research Log to Blackboard on November 3rd by the end of the day. Look under Content for the Folder --Research and Proposal

In addition to the Research Log, you will be asked to write a proposal for your Writing Project 3. Your proposal should demonstrate the development of your thinking on your topic/media object/gender as a social construction and what you plan to do in Writing Project 3. Here is the assignment description: Proposal Description.

Submit the Proposal in a hard copy on November 3rd by the end of the day. Look under Content for the Folder ---Research and Proposal.

Proposal Rubric

These are hard deadlines. Late work will not be accepted.