The Meme Assignment! This assignment is due the Week of Thanksgiving Break!

This is a meme!

Here is quote from a scholarly source with a signal phrase. Note that I do not include a page number because the source did not list the pages.
According to Shifman (2013), "the phrase 'Internet meme' is commonly applied to describe the propagation of content items such as jokes, rumors, videos, or websites from one person to others via the Internet. According to this popular notion, an Internet meme may spread in its original form, but it often also spawns user-created derivatives."

Here is a paraphrase from the same scholarly source without a signal phrase. Note that all the citation goes at the end of the sentence, parenthetically.
Richard Dawkins coined the phrase, "meme," in 1976, to describe the way units of culture can be transmitted from one person to another much in the same way infections and genes can through a population of people (Shifman, 2013).

Okay, now, it's your turn to create "a unit of culture" with your own meme or two.

  • Meme theme #1:Choose a gendered theme'
    • Create a meme that makes some sort commentary on what it means to be [insert your choice] in our society ---
      • Female
      • Male
      • Transgender
      • Lesbian
      • Gay
      • Straight
  • Meme theme #2:Choose a college theme
    • Create a meme that makes some sort of commentary on what it means to be college student. It can be any aspect of college life you want to focus on. It's your meme.

Caveats for this Assignment

  • Memes should be humorous and lighthearted
  • Memes should be carefully constructed to avoid being offensive to particular groups of people.

In addition to creating your memes, you should answer the following two questions:

  • Reflect on your composing process for your memes. What did you find most difficult or challenging about creating your meme?
    • Did you have conceptual challenges? For instance, was it difficult to find a theme or idea that you wanted to represent?
    • Did you have problems conveying you idea with only a very limited amount of text (or writing)?
    • Did you have problems finding a compelling image to work with?
  • Look at the themes you pursued in your memes. How do your memes reflect your beliefs and values and experiences?

Okay, why are we doing this?