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!!Class Plans -- Presentations Finish Up Today!

*One group from each section needs to present today!
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%green%'''Music 1306 with Dr. Pool - Looking at the End of the Semester'''

*'''I HOPE YOU GOT THIS DONE: Your reading assessment. It was due on by Sunday December 2 at midnight; see syllabus weeks 11-14'''
*'''December 5 is our last lecture class'''

*%red%'''Your final exam will open December 7 and will be due December 13 at 5:00PM; see syllabus weeks 11-14'''
*'''It is possible there may be another YouTube assignment and/or quizzes.'''
*%red%'''Understand we WILL achieve 1000 points for the semester, so the grade scale is intact from the original syllabus.'''

!!Class Plans --- Gaining College Knowledge about Finals, Last Assignments, and Final Grades

'''Key ideas to think about for your Finals'''
*'''Look up your Final's Schedule by googling the following:''' [[ | Finals Schedule Fall 2018 TAMUCC]].
*Realize that you will need to double check the following to be prepared for Finals:
**'''The day, time, and place of each final. Generally speaking, exam finals held in class will be held in your regular classrooms.'''
**'''Content and format of the test.'''

**'''Don't forget to study'''