Writing Into the Day

  • Get out a sheet of paper and draft a Working Thesis Statement for your Rhetorical Analysis. Use the Samples theses posted below! You will need to turn this in by the end of class! Please take a picture of it so that you can use it for your drafting and for your Writing Folder.


  • Remember that on Friday, we will not have a face-to-face class on that day. In lieu of class, you will have a writing assignment over question 4 on your exam review guide from History. This assignment will be due on Sunday, 2/11, by midnight.
  • Your 1st Rough Draft is due on Wednesday by Midnight in Blackboard. Make certain that the work you turn in the product of your own thinking and writing. Everyone's work will be checked with SafeAssign for plagiarism issues.

Feedback on Your Writing Folders

  • Grades for Sharing Your Writing Folders -- 5 Points
  • Letter Grade for the first 3 weeks work for the Writing Folders
  • Please pay attention to the comments I put in your documents!
  • Here is what I am noticing in your Writing Folders
    • Please copy and paste the prompt for the WITD into your document so that I can see it when I am responding to your work.
    • Please give every document you create in your WF a filename.
    • Remember that your Writing Portfolio should contain documents that show your engagement with course materials and learning.
    • Remember that in-class participation is figured in your Writing Folder grade.

Rhetorical Analysis and the Writing Process

  • What did you think of "Shitty First Drafts" by Anne Lamott
    By now EVERYONE should have a completed the following two prewriting exercises:
  • Summary Exercise for the Primary Source
    • Thinking About Audience and Your Summaries
    • Thinking about Author's purpose means thinking about Audience and Context
    • What did the author want the audience to understand, think, or do as a result of reading or hearing his words?
    • Rhetorical Analysis Table

Using Mentor Texts to Help You with Your Own Writing


  • Remember that your Rhetorical Analysis Draft is Due on Wednesday at Midnight in Blackboard. You should turn this in as a Word file or a pdf. You should also have a copy of your draft in your Writing Folder.