Week 2 is Here!


Writing Into The Day -- Take 6 minutes.

What is your favorite book, poem, movie, or song? Explain and discuss why YOU find it so appealing. Be certain to provide details and/or examples to illustrate your points! Shoot for 150 to 200 words!

Learning Objectives for This Week

  • Establishing our 1302 Routine -- it starts with writing
  • Building Vocabulary
    • Primary Sources
    • Texts
    • Rhetoric, Rhetorical Situation, Context, Analysis
  • Working with concepts
    • 1.0 Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity
    • 1.1 Writing is a Knowledge-Making Activity
    • 1.2 Writing Addresses, Invokes, and or Creates Audiences
    • 1.5 Writing Mediates Activities


  • Let's discuss how our syllabus is social and rhetorical! Working in pairs, share your answers with one another.
  • Questions about the syllabus???
  • Comments?

Homework and Announcements

Read for Friday

  • "Life in Colonial Virginia: Richard Frethorne Describes Indentured Servitude (1623)"
  • I will provide hard copies for you! However, this document is posted in BB in your History course. You can get it there, too, in case your hard copy goes missing.

Read for Week 3 -- A Chapter in "CV'

  • Sections 240 at 9:00 and 242 at 10:00 will read Ch. 9 “Politics, Morality, and Race in the Abolitionist Crusade: William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass”
  • Sections 244 at 11:00 and 245 at 12:00 will read Ch. 6 - “Political Conflict in the Early Republic: Benjamin Franklin Bache and Alexander Hamilton”

No WRITING HOMEWORK for Wednesday to give you more time to read for all your classes!

Remember that I have asked you to turn in your homework from Friday to Blackboard -- under Journals. This is due by the end of the day today!