Writing Into the Day - Writing and Ideology

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  • 9:00 Class -- I found a pair of glasses and a black notebook in the classroom on Friday. Anyone missing these items?
  • Islanders in Spain -- meeting for the Study Abroad Program

Starting the Writing Process for the Rhetorical Analysis with Prewriting

Working with some threshold concepts from NWWK

1.1 "Writing is a Knowledge-Making Activity" by Heidi Estrem.

  • Questions for the Class:
    • What is the writing process?
    • What is prewriting?
    • Thinking about the writing you did in class on Friday for the Frethorne document, would you say that this writing was "knowledge-making activity"? If yes, what knowledge did you gain?
  • 3.0 "Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies" by Tony Scott

Sections 240 and 242 Rhetorical Analysis

Sections 244 and 245 Rhetorical Analysis


Choose a Primary Source Document from your assigned Chapter.

Start working on the following prewriting activities:

If you take these prewriting activities seriously and work on them diligently, you will have EVERYTHING you need to put together a strong Rough Draft. Remember your 1st rough draft is due on 2/7