• Leslie Cruz
  • Viviana Gonzales
  • Anthony Lopez
  • Clarissa Murillo
  • Destiny Nava
  • Celeste Salinas
  • Jessica Tobias
  • Eduardo Tovar
  • Lou Villanueva
  • Okay, who am I missing???

Let's Get To Know One Another

  • Your name, where you are from, your major, name one thing that no one else has done! (Okay, I will go first!)

Daily Writing Prompt

In June of 1938, the first Superman comic was published. Superman had many "superpowers." For instance, he could fly and he could see through walls. If you could have just one superpower, what would it be and why?

Let's Talk about this Course!

  • Modes of Communication
    • Email: ;.burnett@tamucc.edu
    • Office hours right after class in our classroom or in the Project Grad Offices
    • Emergency contact - 361-443-0051
    • Facebook
  • Reading and Writing for the TSI
    • Multiple Choice Questions over a short reading passage
    • The 5 Paragraph Essay
  • Reading and Writing for College Courses
  • Metacognition and Using Writing as a Knowledge-Making Activity
    • A Journal of Your Learning
  • Your textbook -- Let's take a look at it!

Tell Me What You Know about Your Reading and Writing Experiences


  • What kinds of writing do you do on a daily basis?
  • Describe one your favorite writing experiences?
  • Describe one of your worst writing experiences?
  • Overall, how would you characterize your relationship with writing? Please only use one word here!
  • Name 6 writing "rules" or maxims that you know about writing?


  • What is your favorite book?
  • What is your favorite poem?
  • What source do you use to get news about what is going on in our country and the rest of the world?
  • What do you read on a daily basis?
  • Overall, how would you characterize your relationship with reading? Please only use one word here!
  • Name a couple of reading strategies that you use when you read!

Closing Discussion and Homework

Read "The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me" by Sherman Alexie. Here is a link to the PDF: http://www.npsd.k12.nj.us/cms/lib04/NJ01001216/Centricity/Domain/110/Superman%20and%20Me_00001.PDF