Art Music Presentations continue

Announcements -- Dr. Pool's Message about the Final Assignments for his Class on Blackboard

There will be one more stamped concert this semester on November 19 at 7:30pm in the Performing Arts Center. (That's tonight, folks!)

Here is a tentative schedule for the end of the semester:

  • Wednesday, 11/21 is a reading day; no lecture class
  • Exam II will open next Wednesday 11/21 and will close on 11/25; see syllabus weeks 6-10
  • Your next reading assessment will open Monday, 11/26 and be due Sunday December 2; see syllabus weeks 11-14
  • December 5 is our last lecture class
  • Your final exam will open December 7 and will be due December 13 at 5:00PM; see syllabus weeks 11-14
  • It is possible there may be another YouTube assignment and/or quizzes.
  • Understand we WILL achieve 1000 points for the semester, so the grade scale is intact from the original syllabus.

The final concert of the semester by the music department will be November 30. Plan accordingly.

Announcements from Professor B.

  • Enjoy your break and your Thanksgiving!
    • Take Dr. Pool's advice: rest, eat, visit with family, and decompress Wednesday thru Friday. Come Saturday ... buckle down and do some work so your Sunday is NOT so stressful!
    • REMEMBER to take your MUSIC Exam!!!!!
  • Be Prepared for the last 2 weeks of Class when you come back

Class Plans for Nov. 18, 2018