What is First-Year Symposium?

First-Year Symposium is a public forum for composition students to present their research in a collaborative, multimodal format that incorporates speaking, alphabetic text, video, and/or images. This event gives students the opportunity to join the academic community as fellow researchers and bona fide participants in the scholarly conversations of university life. In addition to presenting at the Symposium, you will also participate as an audience member by enjoying and evaluating the works of other presenters.

For this project, you will work collaboratively in small groups to present your research and ideas from the research you are conducting on discourse communities, using a multimodal medium to a live audience!!!

First Year Symposium for Learning Community E

The First Year Symposium Project is a group project. For this project, you and your group members will present your individual, research topics using a tri-fold poster and a PowerPoint. Grading of the presentation and poster will occur before the Symposium.

Important Dates

  • Researching, Drafting, Planning, Discussing, Rehearsing for FYS -- October 12th - Nov. 14th.
  • Purchase Poster Presentation Board -- by October 27th. Get the largest size available.
  • Grading Presentations occurs on Nov. 15th and Nov. 17th!
  • First Year Symposium is on Dec. 1st.

Students must attend and present for both the grading and the actual Symposium. If there is any reason that you will not be able to attend one or the other, you must provide university-approved documentation and make arrangements with your LCE instructors.

Students who are late or miss their presentation grading or First Year Symposium will receive a ZERO on the assignment!

This is a shared assignment for all classes in LCE.