• Today is the last day to drop a course.
  • Each Symposium Group should purchase a large tri-fold poster for their presentation.

Looking Ahead to First-Year Symposium

  • Your First-Year Symposium Assignment has been designed to provide you with some practical experiences with teamwork and collaboration. The final product of this assignment is the Poster Presentation at the Symposium on November 30th. In order to have a successful presentation, you and your group members will have to work collaboratively, making many decisions and taking many steps to reach this final goal. Think PROCESS here!
  • Timeline for this Project
    • Symposium on November 30th
    • Grading Presentations on November 28th
    • Week 13 Action
      • Monday --Time in Class to Work on Presentations/Posterboard Composing
      • Wednesday ---Time in Class to Work on Presentations/Posterboard Composing
      • Friday ---Posterboard Evaluation
    • Today ---Setting up the Group

5 Minute Reflection -- Look at this timeline and think about what are some specific things you and your team need to do to have a successful presentation on Symposium?

  • Brainstorm and create a Things To Do List.
  • Anticipate and troubleshoot: what are some potential problems that people who work in group situations have to deal with? Brainstorm and create a List of Potential Concerns

Presentation Groups

Symposium Groups for LCE 2016


  • You must have the Rough Draft for the Second Genre Ready to Turn in on Monday.

Week Twelve