• Wednesday in Large Lecture ---Dr. Wooster will be lecturing on the Civil War. This lecture has a very serious theme and it deserves your respect and attention. Come to class ready to listen attentively.
  • Keep up the good work! I was really pleased with the critical thinking, ingenuity, and creativity going on in 1302 this morning as you worked on your Presentations!

5 Minute Reflection --look at the terms in the Habits of Mind terms in the Link Below. Which term or way of thinking do you think would be most useful for you to adopt while working in a group for the First-Year Symposium Project? Explain your choice!

Habits of Mind

Portfolio Prep - Tackling the Prompt, One Section at a Time ...

Let's tackle the first section of the prompt, which is about reading.

Consider the Reading You've Completed, Including Primary Source Documents

  • What are some of the most significant historical writings you've read this semester? What makes this particular piece of writing stand out to you? How did this piece of writing change the way you view American history? In your view, how does this piece of writing demonstrate conviction, or courage?
  • Based on all the reading you've completed in this learning community, how have your views of History changed?
  • Can you provide evidence of time during the semester in which you read a text, then communicated your own ideas and opinions about the text, either through discussion or writing? In what ways did you display conviction in your own, newly formed, opinions?
  • In what ways did you feel like you were a "novice" as a reader of academic texts? How did you become a more sophisticated reader?

Starting the Writing Process for the Reflective Overview Essay with Prewriting

  • Key idea for this exercise: Be specific and detailed in your responses. Avoid generic, superficial, simplistic answers. Your answers should be personal, thoughtful, and original.
  • Using the brainstorming technique of listing possibilities, work through the questions above about reading.
  • Reflect on your experiences with reading and what do you see as significant and important for your learning and growth as a student and a citizen?
  • What examples of readings will use as evidence and include in your portfolio?

Speaking about the Importance of Reading

  • Remember you have a Reading Quiz on Wednesday for Ch. 14.
  • Here is a little quiz to get you started with this reading process. Reading Guide Quiz


Under Content in Blackboard, you will find the assignment -- Prewriting for the Portfolio - Reading. You should address each bullet point with a substantial response. I want to see you grappling and working with each question in thoughtful and engaged way. If you don't know exactly the answer or what you think, that's okay. Write that you don't know but continue on and let me know what you think.

  • Be truthful -- many of you have really tried the approach of not doing your reading. You need to acknowledge this and offer some reasons why you have avoided reading.
  • This assignment is due by the end of the day at midnight.