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Working with the Writing Process

Pick a Partner: Interview and Reflect

  • Work in Pairs
  • Step 1-- Choose roles
    • One person will play the "role" of the persistent and tenacious reporter. You job is to help your interviewee do some thinking and reflecting on a topic by asking some hard-hitting questions. This means you need to be an engaged listener and a critical thinker. Use questions and comments to help your interviewee think deeply about the topic. In general, you will need to ask questions to help the interviewee fully and explicitly articulate a position. Keep challenging the interviewee to explain and justify his or her answers. Show empathy and understanding and you can also offer your insights about the topic.
    • The interviewee will be in the "hot seat," so to speak. It will be your job to answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Step 2 -- Interview Questions for Round 1

Learning Community B has asked that you adopt/perform the role of the “writer” in many different new situations. What does “a writer” do, and how does it feel to be a “novice writer” working in a college setting? How have you responded to the challenges of being a writer?

Step 3 --Switch Roles

Step 4 --Interview Questions for Round 2

Illustrate some of the ways that you have used goal setting, critical thinking, and personal responsibility in Learning Community B to address problems and learning situations, both in and outside of the classroom. How have these things contributed to your development as a student?

  • Here is a list of questions that you might use to promote some deep thinking:
    • Why do you feel this way?
    • What do you mean by this?
    • How do you define this term? (e.g., personal responsibility, novice writer, and/or critical thinking)
    • Can you provide an example to help me understand what you are mean?
    • What is significant here?

Step 5 --Write a quick report about this exchange.

  • Did it help you to think about your role