5 Minute Reflection - Prewriting and Prepping for the Reflective Overview

In what ways can you provide evidence that you were a curious, engaged member of this learning community? Reflect on how curiosity led you to new experiences, and provide specific examples.


  • Writing Center and Office Hours are here for you, but you gotta make the time and effort . . .
  • First Rough Draft of Genre is due Nov. 16th by midnight on Blackboard.

Symposium Workshop

  • Each group needs to come up with a plan for how the group is going to stay in contact over the Thanksgiving Holidays and be fully prepared to go to present on the 28th. What are you going to do?
    • What day will you get the posterboard done?
    • Practice Sessions??

Portfolio Prewriting --Using Evidence to back your ideas

Remember that your Reflective Overview Essay for your Final Portfolio is a piece of academic writing. Yes, it's personal. Yes, it's all about you, but it is still a piece of writing that is geared towards an academic audience. The hallmark of academic writing is that it relies on critical thinking and strong evidence to convince, persuade, and inform audiences.

  • I know that many of you have been sketching your posterboard layout. This is a nice example of what part of the writing process?

0399 for This Week

Week Thirteen