Timeline for the Rest of the Semester

  • Today, Nov. 17, turn in Rough Draft of MCG Essay
  • Week 14, turn in Meme Assignment, Happy Thanksgiving
  • Week 15
    • Tuesday, November 29th, First-Year Symposium (No Composition Class on This Day)
    • Thursday, December 1st, Final Peer Review for MCG Essay, Last Day to turn in any previous work
  • Week 16
  • Tuesday, December 6th, Final Draft of MCG Due, In-Class Reflection Essay
  • Finals
  • Thursday, December 8th, Composition Final Time, 8 am -10:30 am. Final Portfolio Workshop (Optional)
  • Tuesday, December 13th, Sociology Final Time 8 am -10:30 am. Your Final Portfolio is due by 5:00. Hardcopy. Turned in to my office, 213C Classroom East.
  • Happy Holidays

Writing Center and Office Hours - Please make use of these resources!

Let's Take a Look at the Final Assignment -- Learning Community B Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio for Learning Community B and Composition

Portfolio Parts:

  • Table of Contents
  • Reflective Overview Essay
  • Evidence (organized by category)

Questions about the Portfolio?

Let's Look at the Prompts:

● Learning Community B has asked that you adopt/perform the role of the “writer” in many different new situations. What does “a writer” do, and how does it feel to be a “novice writer” working in a college setting? How have you responded to the challenges of being a writer?

● Identify and explain one concept from Sociology that has helped you to understand something significant about yourself and your interactions with other people from a new and, perhaps, startling perspective. Provide a concrete example of how this concept has affected your experience in the world.

● Illustrate some of the ways that you have used goal setting, critical thinking, and personal responsibility in Learning Community B to address problems and learning situations, both in and outside of the classroom. How have these things contributed to your development as a student?

● How has your knowledge about how individuals interact and function as a part of a team expanded as a result of work you have done in Learning Community B? What are some advantages of collaboration? What are some disadvantages?

Preparing for First-Year Symposium

Consider your audience and purpose!

  • Each group should practice their introduction for the Symposium Presentation.
  • In order for members of your Symposium Audience to understand your project and research, you will need to set the context for them.
    • Let people know who you are and what you have been researching.
    • Explain the idea of social norms!
    • Explain the idea of norm-busting
    • Explain the significance of this type of research

Everyone is obligated to attend Symposium as both presenters and as audience members. This means that either before or after you present, you will need to attend one other presentation. There will be forms at Symposium to fill out. Turn in the form to me or Professor Pester.

10 Minute Reflection on Evidence and Thinking

One hallmark of academic writing is that it relies on critical thinking and strong evidence to convince, persuade, and inform audiences.

Now, think about your Projects in this Learning Community:

  • The Norm-busting Assignment
  • The Media's Construction of Gender Essay
  • The Final Portfolio and Reflective Overview

Can you reflect on how you used critical thinking and evidence to shape your ideas on each of these projects. Each project requires different types of evidence and, perhaps, different ways of thinking critically? Can you explain these differences? Can you see any similarities between the projects? What challenges did you encounter in working on these projects?

The following list might help you with these questions:

  • analysis
  • independent research vs. collaborative research
  • primary sources
  • secondary sources
  • Metacognition or thinking about one's own thinking
  • inquiry --(asking questions)

Complete this Reflection in Blackboard. Look under content.


  • Meme Assignment is due on November 29th! See Blackboard under content.
  • Practice for Symposium
  • Keep working on and developing your Papers. I am planning to have comments on your drafts back to you by the 29th.