• Hopefully, you got your homework in for 0399 today!
  • Last day before the Break. What do you need to do to be prepared when you return from Thanksgiving Break
  • Final Draft of New Genre is due on Nov. 21st. This should be turned into to the 1302 Blackboard

5 Minute Reflection on Large Lecture!

The purpose of this exercise is to help you process and think deeply about the Lecture Content. This should help you study for EXam? III. Also, I want you to practice with a writing situation in which you are really considering the needs of your audience. This means you need to be clear and focused in your writing. You also need to imagine and anticipate how an audience might react to your words.

Write a quick summary of the Lecture in Wooster's class today! Please set a little context. Also, discuss 3 specific events and explain their significance. Your writing goal for this exercise is to think about your audience. It's me and I did not go to Lecture. Help me understand what went down! Avoid making assumptions about what I know about this topic.

Exam III Essay Questions --- Working with Writing Process!

Choose two of the essay questions below. Create a "working introduction" for each question. The introduction should start broadly and funnel down to the specific thesis. Working collaboratively is fine!

  1. Start with a big opening statement that identifies and characterizes the time period. (1 sentence)
  2. Paint a picture of what this time in America looked like in your own words. (2 to 3 sentences)
  3. Move to the thesis. The thesis statement should be based on the language in the question. (1 or more sentences)

1. Many Americans sought to create a distinctly American republic during the first half of the nineteenth century. Discuss these efforts, making sure to explain the economic and demographic contexts in which they occurred as well as contemporary trends in art, architecture, language, literature, and religion. What were the roles of women amidst these societal changes? Use the lectures, the essay on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Catharine Beecher, and the Give Me Liberty! textbook to write a complete answer.

2. Sectional rivalries in the United States greatly increased during the administrations of Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. Discuss these tensions, making sure to discuss the attempts by the Pierce administration to expand the United States, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the resulting crisis in Kansas, the roles played by Sara Robinson and David Atchison during these events, and the Dred Scott case. Use the lectures, the essay on Robinson and Atchison, and the Give Me Liberty! textbook to fully develop your argument and write a complete answer.

3. The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in United States history. Using evidence from specific Civil War battles and campaigns from the lectures and the Give Me Liberty! textbook, develop an argument in which you explain why the war was so bloody, making sure to discuss problems caused by the amateur armies, failures of leadership (including the “friction of war”), changes in technology, and the causes soldiers believed they were fighting for. Make sure to give examples of specific battles or campaigns which help to illustrate these concepts.