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Happy Thanksgiving

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I sent this information out on 11/20 in a Blackboard Announcement.

Dear Section 244 Students,

I want to let you know that I will not be able to be up at the school tomorrow as planned because of a conflict with my daughter's holiday schedule. I will be available in the afternoon by appointment. I will have a similar schedule for Tuesday. Please email to set this up as I will be in and out of the office all afternoon.

I have graded all the "new genre" rough draft assignments and provided you feedback on Blackboard. In general, here is what I have noticed with these assignments:

As you know, the "new genre" is due on this Monday, November 21st as an online assignment, which will count for your participation for Week 14. However, I would like to offer everyone an extension for this assignment to Friday, December 2nd. This will give you some time to work on this assignment and respond to the feedback that I have provided. It will also provide you with time to get into the Writing Center or seek help from me during office hours or by appointment.

Your assignment for Week 14 is to work on your First-Year Symposium Presentations. Make certain that you are able to talk easily and accurately about the historical context associated with your topic and primary source document. This means you will need to know the important dates, events, people and issues associated with your topic. Practice and use critical thinking and analysis to choose what you feel is most important and significant about your topic.

I have also started grading the Critical Analyses for Writing Project 3. Here are some problems that I am seeing in some of your work:

By and large, the quality of work has been low. This means that many of you will NOT be getting a good grade. This means, in turn, that you need to do really well on the last major assignments of the semester:

This totals to 440 points and this is a significant amount. Please work hard on these remaining assignments as they have the wherewithal to significantly shape your grades in all of your Learning Community E classes. Think and show "Courage, Conviction, and Composition" by doing good work, seeking help, and finishing strong this semester.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with family and food and some work for LCE,

Professor Burnett

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