Writing Into the Day - Audience & Purpose Worksheet for the Blog Assignment


  • Latest Blackboard Announcement -- Revision on Your Presentations
  • The Blog Assignment Due Dates
    • Rough Draft -- Nov. 29th. Everyone must have an electronic draft to participate in Peer Review Activities on Wednesday! Of course, you should have this rough draft in your Writing Portfolio!
    • Final Draft is due by the end of the day on Nov. 30th.
  • Last day to drop is today -- November 27th!
  • !!!Course evaluations are open now! Get to Evaluating!

Activities for Today

Blog Assignment - Considering the Rhetorical Situation

LCE Final Portfolio and Selecting Evidence - Considering the Rhetorical Situation

The Learning Community E Final Portfolio

Key Parts of the Assignment Prompt -- Readings, Writing, and Habits of Mind


You need to come to class on Wednesday with the ability to access your Blog Draft from your Writing Portfolio. We will conduct a peer review of the Blogs in class!