Working With More Prewriting

  • Liberty, Equality, Order
  • Courage, Composition, and Conviction
  • How Writing Goes out into the world and makes things happen
  • Historical Context
  • Connection to today

Genre Time

Here is what we need to do today!

  • Get into your presentation groups
  • Each group should discuss and take an inventory of the types of genres (of primary source documents) that your group has.
  • Each group should discuss why the particular genres were chosen by the authors to go out into the world and make something happen.
  • Each group should should discuss the various messages and themes contained in your primary source documents.

Let's Start thinking about the Other Genre

An important part of 'WP3?-The Learning Community Project is developing and creating a bona fide academic genre (the Critical Analysis) that relies on research and primary and secondary source documents and is geared to an academic audience.

Another important part of this assignment is discovering how your primary source document and topic are linked to present day situations and problems.

In what ways, are we still grappling with the ideas of liberty, equality, and order? In what ways, are we still using writing to go out into the world and make something happen?

How has the ways we use writing changed over time. Here think about the difference between antebellum America and the America of the 21st Century. Think about how writing as a tool and technology has changed over time?

The Final component of your WP3?-The Learning Community Project is to use the material you created in your Critical Analysis to compose another genre.

new genre

Homework ---Choose another Genre and pick a target audience!