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5 Minute Reflection on Your Composing Process

Key to the Quiz on APA Integrating Sources

Working with the Idea of a Non-Linear Composing Process

Each student will be provided with a long sheet of paper to do some prewriting. The idea here is to generate ideas and questions about how your media object presents a particular view of gender and a particular view of society. Start with your topic and your specific media object in the center and radiate outward towards the edges. This is simply an exercise in prewriting and this means you can't do it wrong!!!

(Hint: This exercise should help you with the second portion of your proposal. Remember this is due in Blackboard today by midnight)

Naming What We Know: Sections 2.4 "All Writing is Multimodal" and 2.5 "Writing Is Performative"


Bring both papers to class on Tuesday!!!!! The idea is to demonstrate some evolution or development in your thinking!

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