• Office Hours Extended: Monday and Thursdays from 12 to 2 and Tuesdays 10 - 12:30
  • Writing Center Visits -- NOW is the time to start scheduling and attending the Writing Center visits. You can earn up to 9 extra points on your final grade for Writing Project 3 with 3 points given for each 30 minute appointment.
  • Everyone needs to get in for their office hour visits!!!

5 Minute Reflection on Your Composing Process

  • Think about some connections you can make between how writers compose and how artists compose. Do you see any similarities between the way you write and the way Niemann creates art? Is this process linear -- marching in a straight line towards completion? Or is it different?

Key to the Quiz on APA Integrating Sources

Working with the Idea of a Non-Linear Composing Process

Each student will be provided with a long sheet of paper to do some prewriting. The idea here is to generate ideas and questions about how your media object presents a particular view of gender and a particular view of society. Start with your topic and your specific media object in the center and radiate outward towards the edges. This is simply an exercise in prewriting and this means you can't do it wrong!!!

  • Be thoughtful
  • Be specific
  • And try to generate lots of content!
  • Work with a partner and discuss ideas!

(Hint: This exercise should help you with the second portion of your proposal. Remember this is due in Blackboard today by midnight)

Naming What We Know: Sections 2.4 "All Writing is Multimodal" and 2.5 "Writing Is Performative"

  • Ball and Charlton (2016) point out that "all writing is multimodal" (p. 42). Consider how the piece you just created is a multimodal text.
  • Consider the 5 Modes: Here is a Quick Breakdown
    • linguistic
    • aural
    • visual
    • gestural
    • spatial
  • Which modes did you use to create your Prewriting Document above? Explain the modes you used.
  • How did the Ball and Charlton idea change your understanding of what writing is?
  • Using section 2.4 to guide you, why do you think this concept is important?
  • Andrea Lunsford (2016) in Section 2.5 makes the case that "writing is performative" (p. 43).
  • In what ways did the prewriting exercise "perform" something or do something. What did it do? What did it accomplish? Did it help your thinking? Did it make you aware of something new? Did it complicate things. BE specific in your thinking and in your writing about this!!!


  • Read in NWWK -- Section 2.6 Texts Get Their Meanings From Other Texts, which begins on p. 44.
  • Build on the Prewriting Exercise we did in class today by looking at again and Doing it Again!!! Consider how you might start translating this into a paper. Bring another iteration of this same prewriting exercise we did today. Spend more time on it. Draft perhaps in pencil. Move things around and play with them.

Bring both papers to class on Tuesday!!!!! The idea is to demonstrate some evolution or development in your thinking!