Writing Into the Day

  • What are some important things that you have learned about your topic?
  • Would you consider yourself at this point a "mini-expert" on your event or person?
  • What is one key thing (or more) that you have learned about conducting research at the college level?


  • I start grading the Source Reviews and the Working Bibliography today!
  • Remember that I am available for office hours today from 2 to 5!
    • Come see me if you need help with your presentations
    • Come see me if you if you are concerned about your midterm grades

Learning and Activities for Today ---Thinking about the Rhetorical Situation for First Year Symposium

  • Group Presentations Assignment Sheet
  • Group Presentation Practice -- the opening 6 moves
  • Working on the Individual Portions and Using Writing as a Knowledge-Making Activity
  • The Trifold Poster - Visual Rhetoric 101
    • Trifold selection: I strongly urge you to pick a color other than white. If you get stuck with a white board, your goal in life is to make that board look appealing. This trifold will serve as your advertisement to your audience. It will attract their attention and provide just enough information about your topic to get their attention.
  • Text
    • Not a lot of text but it should visible from a distance.
    • No large "blocks" of text.
    • Triple check all spelling!!!
    • Avoid handwriting unless you are using stencils or have amazing handwriting.
  • Color
    • Nice contrasting colors but not seizure inducing.
    • Color can be symbolic. Red can indicate love or violence. Green can symbolize nature or money. Choose colors that are visually appealing together, but also colors that can convey meaning.
    • If you are painting or drawing, please be neat.
  • Symbols & Imagery
    • Clear meaning and association with text but not overused or in poor taste. Nothing that would be considered "R" rated and nothing that contains profanity.
  • Audience, Author, Purpose
    • Your audience is composed of your classmates, professors, and others from the community and university.
    • You are presenting as a scholar. You have done your research and are a mini-Wooster on your topic. Don't shame the LC E family.
    • You are focusing on making a specific claim regarding history/present-day America. You aren't trying to start an argument. You are presenting well-researched material that demonstrates multiple perspectives to inform your audience.

Homework For Friday

Group Proposal is due at Midnight on Friday. Here are the requirements for the Group Proposal:

  • All Group Members work together to submit one document. Each individual presenter should submit a shareable link with an outline of the individual portion of the presentation.
  • Opening Paragraph that presents the title of the presentation and provides a some commentary on how you are going to present the over-arching theme that connects each of your presentations together.
  • Each individual presenter will need to create a basic outline/game plan of his or he own presentation, using the The Presentation Template
    • This should be detailed as possible so that it can serve as an important document for you to prep for Presentations.

I will set a link for this in Blackboard>Content>Research to Learn>Group Proposal.