• Writing Project 3 -The Critical Analysis II is due on Friday, hardcopy in class. No late work will be accepted. If you need to ask for an extension, you must do so by Wednesday at 6:00.
  • Bring an electronic version of your draft on Wednesday for Peer Review.

Working with Your Evidence -- Primary Source and Secondary Sources

Prepping for Peer Review on Wednesday

In NWWK Peggy O'Neil makes the argument that all writers need to know how to assess and evaluate their work as well as the writings of others (67). Keeping this in mind, assess your own work. What areas of your paper need the most attention, work, and revision?

Here is a list of common areas of concern:

  • Introduction and Thesis
  • Clarity --does it make sense?
  • Development of ideas
  • Primary Source Analysis
  • Integrating and citing Sources
  • Works Cited page
  • Paragraph structure
  • Conclusion

Carefully evaluate your paper and decide what you would like some feedback on. Choose 3 specific areas! We will use your choices to guide the peer review on Wednesday.

Come to class with an electronic copy of your paper ready to go and what you want to focus on --- the 3 choices.

0399 for Week 12

Week Twelve