5 Minute Reflection --This meme says something about the way we "do" gender in the United States. But what does it say? Another question: how does this meme provide us with an example of the social construction of reality? What do you think?


  • Friday, November 11th, is the last day to drop. If you are contemplating dropping a course, be certain to talk with an advisor to make certain you how this will affect your degree plan and financial aid.
  • Study Hard for Sociology!
  • For Next Week, you need to bring your draft of your paper in to class each day.
    • Both days, bring an electronic version of your draft!
    • On Thursday, bring a hardcopy that you leave with me. Turning in a draft will be worth 10 points. This is a completion grade. You must turn in your draft to get these points.
  • Writing Center and Office Hour Visits
  • I will be holding Class on Thursday. As of 11/7 only 2 people have been in to work on their papers for Office Hour visits.

    Working with a Scholarly Source: "Gendered Media: The Influence of Media on Views of Gender" by Julie T. Wood

The Chapter

  • This source is a chapter taken from a book by Woods. You will find all the necessary bibliographic information for this source at the bottom of the page. Create a reference citation.
  • What some signs that this is a scholarly source?
  • Look at the opening paragraph of this chapter. It is an introduction. What do you think Woods is doing in the first 2 sentences of this brief introduction?
  • Look at sentences 3-7. Would any of these sentences be considered a claim? Use the following questions to help you determine which sentences are claims:
    • Does Woods take a stand?
    • Does Woods say something that is arguable?
  • Thinking about the parts of an essay, what would you call sentences 3-7?
  • Find the first two in-text citations in this chapter and write them down.
    • What citation system do you think is being used?
    • Who is the author of the first citation?
    • Who is the author of the second citation?
  • Find one section of this paper that you think might be useful in your paper.
    • Find one sentence that you think would be useful in your paper. Write it down as a direct quote, using a signal phrase.
    • Find another sentence. Write down the original exactly. And then paraphrase it. Don't use a signal phrase.
  • Be certain to pay attention to how Wood cites sources and uses evidence to build and develop her ideas.

Let's Begin the Drafting Process


  • Finish the Worksheet Prewriting Activity -- You started today. You will find it here: Your Topics for Media's Construction of Gender. The due date for this assignment is Friday by midnight.
  • Come to Class with a Rough Outline of your paper -- electronic copy! We will use it in class.