Good Luck on Exam II in History Today!

Remember to use AEC in essays.

  • Make an 'assertion
  • Use evidence to prove or explain the assertion
  • Add some commentary to help explain how the assertion and evidence are related.

Example of AEC

The Articles of Confederation were weak. They were designed to be weak so that each state could be a sovereign power. However, this meant there was no central government, no ability to tax so that America could pay off its debts, and there was no standing army. When indebted farmers of Shay's Rebellion chose to rebel in Massachusetts in 1786 against economic conditions, many people feared that something had to be done to fix the Articles of Confederation to make them stronger.

Writing Workshop and Lab for Today

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  • Be prepared to do the 6 opening moves of the Group Presentation on Monday in Class! Use Template for the Presentations for specifics on these moves.
  • Continue working on your Presentations -the Individual Portions and Group Part

Template for the Presentations