Writing Into the Day ---Please write down 5 important tips that you are hearing today from the presentation about conducting research. On Friday, you will pool your resources together to take a quiz on the information presented today.


  • Remember on October 11th, we are combining Seminar and Composition Classes and meeting in the LIC2? - room 216A in the Library! The awesome TAMUCC librarians will be showing us the ins and outs of using the library and its resources!
    • Sections 241 and 240 will meet at 9:00 sharp in the LIC2? - room 216A in the Library!
    • Sections 244 and 245 will meet at 12:00 sharp in he LIC2? - room 216A in the Library!
    • Your Writing Into the Day Activity for Wednesday is to take notes on the library presentation. Be certain to jot down at least 5 important things from the librarians' presentation that might aid you in your research process. You will need to take notes using pen and paper. Take a picture of these notes and put it into your folder for 10/11 WITTD.

Learning & Activities for Today


  • The Topic and Research Proposal is due on Friday at Midnight.
    • You will have some time to work on this on in class on Friday!
    • This is due in Blackboard >Content>Research to Learn Project Folder>Topic and Research Proposal.
    • Please submit a shareable link.
    • Please give me editing privileges so I can make comments in-text.