• Sociology Test in on Tuesday!
  • Okay, when is the Midterm Reflection Due???
    • It is due the Thursday after the Test!

"Learning to Write Effectively Requires Different Kinds of Practice, Time, and Effort'' (Yancey, 2016, p.64)

Looking over your work on definitions for ascribed status and status from Tuesday,October 11th, I can see that you need more practice with this type of writing.

What You Need to Practice:

  • Writing in complete sentences.
  • Looking beyond the basic one sentence definition that most of you found on Google to create a more comprehensive definition that demonstrates clearly that you understand the term. This means you will need to read and study your book and lecture notes.
  • Providing examples.
  • Explaining how the example is related to the term being defined.
  • '''Let's Practice Defining Terms, Making Some Modifications

Topics for Research --- You need to find a topic that looks at Media and Gender

  • Gender Terms
  • Gender and the Current Political Campaign
  • Gender and any theory or term from Sociology
  • Media Types
    • Social Media -Facebook, Twitter, and what else????
    • Film, Song, Books

The Midterm Reflection


  • Study for Sociology
  • Everyone will need to specific research topic idea by Tuesday.