Writing Into the Day

Please use this time to work on your Topic Proposal that is due tonight by midnight. Conduct research. And write! Your goal is to knockout a draft of your topic proposal by the end of class.


Learning and Activities for Today

Homework Due Tonight by Midnight

  • Remember you have your first major assignment of your Research to Learn Project due today by midnight.
    • This is due in Blackboard >Content>Research to Learn Project Folder>Topic and Research Proposal.
    • Please submit a shareable link.
    • Please give me editing privileges so I can make comments in-text.

Homework due for Next Week

Do some online research over the weekend to help you get your bearings about your topic. This is called preliminary research. Once you start to establish a basic understanding of your topic, you need to decide what particular aspect you want to focus on!!!!

How Should I Begin My Research Process

I advise you to develop a research calendar and goal chart for this project. You have 2 weeks to complete the following:

  • 3 Source Reviews
  • A bibliography of 5 to 7 sources.
  • On your Research to Learn Project Calendar -- you have a rough draft of your Primary Source Review due on Oct. 18th - 20th. I have put this draft grade in to get you on your way to knocking out your source reviews!