Writing Into the Day

  • One of the concepts we working with this semester in LCE is Writing Goes Out Into in the World and Makes Things Happen!
  • What evidence can you provide from what you are studying in History that this is true. Please be specific as possible!
  • What evidence can you provide from your own life that this is true? Please be specific as possible and let's think outside of the academic box!


  • Everyone will need to bring their NWWK books to class on Wednesday for class reading discussion.
  • Remember that you need to be actively researching your topic now to discover what focus you are going to pursue!
  • Midterm Portfolio Assessment and Reflective Overview is due on Friday, October 20th, by midnight. Please submit a shareable link for this assignment to Blackboard.

Learning & Activities for Today

Finding Sources Worksheet

Working with Secondary Sources: The Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Source

  • What are the key features of scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article?
  • Get into your Writing Groups and come up with a list 5 features that you notice about this type of source.
  • Source Review Sample

Class Discussion

  • What is a credible source?
  • What are some factors that help us determine credibility?

Evaluating Web Sites/Sources:


Read in NWWK "Reflection is Critical for Writer's Development" By Kara Taczak on p. 78.

Read in the Information Literacy Framework --- Scholarship as Conversation.


  • Continue working on your RO for the Midterm Portfolio Assessment
  • Continue conducting research