• Good Luck on Your Test in Sociology today!

5 Minute Reflection

How did you prepare for Exam II in Sociology? How did you tweak your study process for Exam II?

Let's Practice Writing, Talking, and Thinking by Doing Some Test Prep

For this activity we will need 5 Groups! Everyone in each group needs to choose one of two roles: Leader or Pilgrim.

Round I lasts 6 minutes -- All group members discuss and answer the question you have. Be certain to think about what you need to do to answer this question on the exam! Be specific and detailed in your answer and provide examples. Explain significance.

Round II last 5 --- I will provide instructions!

Exam II Group 1

What is deviance? How is deviance a product of society? What did Durkheim say about this? What are the functions of deviance?

Exam II Group 2

What is meant by the term medicalization of deviance? Provide two examples.

Exam II Group 3

How do researchers using differential association explain deviance?

Exam II Group 4

Discuss sexuality from the viewpoints of structural-functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and social-conflict analysis.

Exam II Group 5

What does the author mean by saying that sexual attitudes in the United States are both restrictive and permissive? When was the sexual revolution? What social and cultural factors influenced this revolution? What was the sexual counterrevolution? What social and cultural factors helped bring it about?


  • Complete the APA Integrating Sources Worksheet that I handed out on Tuesday.
  • Remember your midterm reflection is due on Thursday.
  • Let's start thinking about the idea of Gender Stereotypes by reading the following short pieces in our Gender Reader: "How Big Are Your Balls?" and "The High Cost of Manliness" by Robert Jensen. These two pieces are very short and they start on p. 124.