Writing into the Day --use the writing you do in our Class Activity as your WITTD


  • The turn-in link for your Midterm Portfolio Assessment and Reflective Overview is available in Blackboard now.
  • Hopefully, you saw the BB announcement that I have dropped the requirement for a rough draft turn-in for your Primary Source Review.
    • You will still need to complete your 3 source reviews and your Working Bibliography for the Research to Learn Project
    • Have one source review completely drafted for class on Wednesday in your Research Journal folder (in your Writing Portfolio). We will be having a peer review.
  • Head's Up on Friday's class -- Writing and Research Workshop

Learning and Activities for Today

Group Activity

Group Activity Worksheet


Your Writing Portfolio Work

  • Finish up your Reflective Overview Memo for the Midterm Portfolio Assessment
  • Tidy up and organize your Writing Portfolio by naming all documents and sorting documents into folders that appropriately named.
  • The assignment is due on Friday, by the end of the day, in Blackboard. Please submit a shareable link.

Research To Learn Project