Writing into the Day

The work you are doing in Learning Community E requires you to assume the roles of writer, reader, and, now, researcher in an academic setting. These roles may be challenging for you because you are not in the habit of thinking about yourself in these terms and you may not be familiar with the way things are done in academic settings.

Consider the following quotes from Kevin Rozen in NWWK:

  • "Our identities are the ongoing product of of our participation" in many different activities and events (51).
  • "Through the writing we do, we claim, challenge, perhaps even contest and resist, our alignment with the beliefs, interests, and values of the communities with which we engage" (51).

What are some ways your identity is being influenced by your work as writer, reader, and researcher in this Learning Community? How is this identity different and distinct from your High School self?

What strikes you as particularly strange or foreign about writing, reading, and researching in an academic setting?

Learning and Activities for Today

  • For the most part, I will turn you loose to write or conduct research independently. This is not a group activity. Work by yourself! But, first let's talk about your proposals.
  • Here's What I am Seeing: Common mistakes with the proposals
    • No in-text citation.
    • Sources cited in-text did not match what was listed on the Works Cited
    • More proofreading was needed
    • Context information was weak or lacking
    • Source selected was not adequate for academic audiences
    • Plagiarism issues

If you got below a 15 out of 20 (75%), you should make certain to visit your document to see what went wrong!


Your Midterm Writing Portfolio Assessment is due tonight at Midnight. Be certain to follow this turn-in time. Submit a shareable link to your Reflective Overview Memo Essay. You will find this assignment turn-in spot in Blackboard>Content>Writing Portfolio> Midterm Assessment for the Writing Portfolio and Reflective Overview.

For Wednesday --- you need to have prepared at least one source review prepared in your Research Journal in your Writing Portfolio. We will be using this document for class activities and peer review.